Centerline Hellcat Wheels

September 25, 2011

The Centerline Hellcat Wheels: Robust, Sleek And Stylish.

When Henry Ford invented the first motor car, it was also the first step that led to the birth of the centerline wheel company and the centerline hellcat wheels. One always tends to forget the reason for an effect, a long chain of events that leads to a certain invention or creation.

When Ford was working on his invention, he paid immense attention to a lot of things, but the main issue that he worked towards solving was the problem of locomotion, or in other words, getting started. But when he did invent the car, he sparked off a fire that led to an entirely new series of inventions.

His invention was further enhanced, for years. Each part was improved upon and upgraded. And this exact chain of up gradations, improvements and inventions led to the foundation of Centerline Wheels, which then launched the Centerline Hellcat Wheels.

History Of Centerline Hellcat Wheels:

The Centerline Wheel Company has an interesting history behind itself. It was established in 1970 by Ray Lipper, who himself was motorsports driver and enthusiast. He was a pioneer and some say the originator of the aftermarket wheel industry.

He was also a member of the much coveted SEMA hall of fame. Since its inception, Centerline Wheels have never lost its focus or forgotten its motto, to come up with wheels of superior quality, with excellent engineering and an innovative style for its customers. And it has very well stood true to its promise, as seen in the centerline Hellcat wheels series.

Centerline Hellcat Wheels Features:

The centerline Hellcat wheels, like all the other wheels made by Centerline Wheels, are forged in a unique rotary forging press. This unique method makes the wheels incredibly lightweight. The centerline Hellcat wheels are made of one piece of solid aluminum forged in a tight circular grain structure which makes them incredibly strong and durable.

Then each wheel is given its distinctive stylish design which makes it stand out in the crowd, and draws eyes towards itself like magnets. The Centerline Hellcat wheels were designed and engineered by the very best designers and engineers in the field, and is therefore a beauty to behold.

One should always remember that centerline Hellcat wheels should always be purchased at authorized Centerline Wheel outlets only. If done otherwise, no warranty claims are entertained by the company. Forged wheels, although giving the same look design-wise, would not have the superior build of genuine Centerline Hellcat wheels and therefore would not be as solid and sturdy as the original.

One must always be careful and should check twice to confirm that they are receiving genuine Centerline Hellcat wheels and not some cheap forged ones, which are quite in abundance in the market due to the original’s incredible popularity.

So whether you are demanding the ultimate technology in racing wheels, or whether you be looking for hot and solid 22 inch wheels to give those final touches to your street project, Centerline Wheels will always deliver what you asked for. And with the Centerline Hellcat wheels, you will positively get more than what you expect.

The Centerline Hellcat Wheels
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